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This website offers you the possibility of purchasing spare parts for your Vismaravetro shower enclosure directly.
Simply provide the required contact information and the photos of the part to be replaced, and you’ll quickly be contacted by one of our agents to complete your purchase.

Vismaravetro has always placed quality above all else: on the market, we don’t want to be known for the quantity, but rather the quality of our shower enclosures and the service that we provide.

This website has two goals:

  • we want to provide our customers with better and more efficient services.
  • we want to make the purchase of spare parts a quick and easy process!

Purchase Spare Parts Online
In addition to the production and sale of shower enclosures, which represents the company's core business, Vismaravetro has decided to decline its offer by also presenting a series of useful accessories to live better the moment of relaxation represented by the act of having a shower.

On this web site you can buy:

  • 2 storage models, to personalize your shower space;
  • our design squeegee, anti-limescale cleaner and maintenance kit for our anti-limescale treatment, with the intention of making the cleaning of the shower less difficult.

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Who is Vismaravetro?

Vismaravetro is a leading Italian company specializing in the integrated production of tempered glass shower enclosures, with standard products that are both flexible and customizable at the same time.

It’s the only Italian manufacturer of shower enclosures that carries out the entire production cycle within its own facilities. This allows Vismaravetro to be 100% flexible in relation to its customers’ requests.

Today, Vismaravetro is becoming increasingly international. Thanks to a network made up of 2100 points of sale, it distributes its products to 25 foreign countries. It also operates in France under the trademark VismaraFrance, and in Belgium under the trademark VismaraBelgio. It even has a sales office in Spain.

Its mission is to design, manufacture, and sell shower enclosures as if they were to be actual furnishing elements of exceptional technical and structural quality.

For more information about the company and our products, please visit:

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